Pro Ball for true creativity

Triangle Prism For True CreativityBe Creative

Add Unique Flare Effects To Your Images

A product built keeping in mind the quality standards a professional photographer needs

Pro Ball for
true creativity

Bring your Photos to the Next Level 

Triangle Prism


Package Includes:

  • 130mm Crystal Triangle Prism (1/4 20 Female)

  • Handle with (1/4 20 Male Screw) -  Learn More

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  • Storage Pouch

  • Free Worldwide Shipping

Photos Made By Triangle Prism

Triangle Prism will expand your creativity and take your photography game to the next level.

Triangle Prism is For Everyone

A product built keeping in mind the quality standards a professional photographer needs, for a price everyone can afford. Your smartphone won't be freaking out either: autofocus and other smart camera features work very well with Triangle Prism.

  You Don't Need Any Professional Knowledge

  Perfect for Photo & Video !

+ With Dynamic Handle

The Handle lets you easily hold in front of your camera lens for stunning effects. The triangle lets you get creative and the handle helps you keep it in place.

⚡️ Comes with Prism Handle with 1/4 20 Male Screw.

In The Box

The included microfiber pouch keeps your accessories safe while on-the-go.

Enjoy the Happiness of


Sir Isaac Newton Breaking up the Light Through a Prism


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What is a Triangle Prism?

Pro Ball is a hardened clear crystal sphere used for photography purposes. Because of its spherical effect it shows you a 180° degree view of your surroundings creating a mind-blowing visual effect.

What Is Triangle Prism Made Of?

Our product is Carved from K9 crystal: A lens-grade, optically clear crystal used in optics and lenses giving you the sharpest possible image.

What Does Triangle Prism Weight?

80mm Pro Ball weighs 650g (1.45lbs)

Do you also ship to my country?

We do! We offer FREE worldwide shipping to all countries.

How Long Does Shipping Take Approximately?

Shipping to USA and Europe takes approximately 10-20 business days. 

Shipments to the rest of the world are between 10-30 business days.

Free Worldwide Shipping

10-30 Business days depending on location

Quality Guarantee

Scratch-free hardened K9 Crystal

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Triangle Prism 

  • Free Worldwide Shipping